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Here Is A Mini, Informative Guide To Trading In Bitcoins

Mini Informative Guide To Trading in Bitcoins

Among all the digital currencies, bitcoin trading has become widely famous. Bitcoin trading takes place through a trade crypto platform, where you can easily buy and sell the currency.

Sometimes you hold the currency for the long term because you hope that prices will rise in the future, whereas sometimes, you sell the currency in the short term only. The first step required by the potential investor is to sign-up on a crypto trading platform and start trading through it.


The currency will be saved in the digital wallet of the investor. Before getting to start trading in cryptocurrencies, you need to do proper research about the factors which will lead to fluctuations in the prices of bitcoin, which are as follows --

The Supply of Bitcoin

Bitcoins are finite in number, which results in fluctuation in bitcoin prices concerning its demand and supply in the market. If with time, the demand for bitcoin keeps on rising, then the prices of bitcoin will also rise as a result.

Any Event Regarding Bitcoin

There might be times when there are changes in the regulation of bitcoin or any other vital events concerning bitcoin-which will affect the prices of the bitcoin. So basically, one has to stay updated by reading all the latest news regarding Bitcoin in the market.


Suppose there is smooth payment in the case of bitcoin, or any higher authority imposes some banking regulation concerning bitcoin. In that case, it will lead to rising in demand for bitcoin, and as a result, its prices will also rise.

Now there are many styles through which you can do Bitcoin trading, and each style is suitable in different circumstances. Like some investor is in the market for a long term whereas some other investor is in the market for a short term, there different styles of trading are opted to earn money out of it.

Trading With The Trend

Bitcoin Trading

If you know all the latest trends going on in the bitcoin market, then trend trading is the one for you. In this case, an investor invests in digital coins keeping in mind the current trend of the market. The way you see it in the case of the stock market -people say that the market is bullish or the market is bearish, and then they invest accordingly in the market.

Day Trading

In the case of day trading, the investor is there in the market for a short term only. The investor purchases the bitcoin in the morning and sells it towards the day's end. So basically, he does not have to sleep with the stress of price fluctuations as the crypto market never sleeps. But somebody who has invested in being there in the long term, day trading might not be a suitable option for them.

HODL Strategy

Most of the investors in the market for the long term have opted for this trading strategy. This means that after buying the coin, the investor will hold it in the long term instead of selling it straight away. On the other hand, if the investor research indicates that investing in the long term will only lead to losses here, they stop losses by selling off the currency immediately.

Before buying bitcoin, the first step involves selecting a suitable exchange for you. Since there is no third-party involvement in the case of bitcoin, you become the direct owner of the purchased bitcoin. On the other hand, there are many factors you will have to consider while choosing a suitable exchange for yourself. Some of the exchange platforms might lack the required regulation and infrastructure. In contrast, some other exchanges charge exorbitantly high commission fees from their investors-so all these factors have to be researched before choosing a crypto exchange platform for trading.

Final Words

It is essential to be a wise investor while in the bitcoin market by doing proper researching and then only coming to a decision. Therefore, sell the bitcoin when you think you have made enough profit or cut a loss when it has reached a point beyond which it becomes intolerable for you to bear.

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