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Blogging Basics For Beginners (Quick Rundown)

So, how do you start a blog?

1st - You need a platform to host your blog.

This could be:

Simple Site

2nd - You need to have a blog name.

Your blog name is your website name that's appearing on top.

Now, your blog name is very important because it is what you should use as your website address or URL: the one that follows after www or HTTPS.

To save you from the headache of having to think of the website name later when making your blog website, I suggest you make a list of your preferred blog title depending on your preferred niche or topic as your BLOG NAME might already be taken or owned by someone else.

You will understand this later when we build your own blog website.

3rd - You need a custom domain name (Optional)

A custom domain name is the unique brand name of your website. It can be your BLOG TITLE or can also be an acronym of your BLOG TITLE.

In most cases, web owners choose to use or buy the same custom domain as the BLOG TITLE.

This is not really required when first making your blog as you can first work on the design and blog posts first before you buy a custom domain name.

But if you want to appear professional, legit, and a strong brand, buying this one would really be helpful.

And don't worry! It won't hurt your pocket as you can get one for $2.

It's also important to note what type of extension name you will use, will it be:


I will not dive deeper into that. If you want to be safer, go for .com!

4th - You need to decide your blog design and choose a template.

You don't really have to prepare this beforehand as there are free templates provided by your chosen blogging platform.

If you really want good blog designs - look for custom templates at an affordable price.

BUT - this can be changed later.

5th - You need to decide what topic will you blog about.

Do you love traveling, cooking, DIY stuff? Do you want to share your knowledge about Forex or Cryptocurrency? It's totally up to you.

6th - You need to write your first blog post.

Now, this is the harder part! BUT if you are really knowledgeable on your topic, then, this is as easy as pie.

7th - Last but not least! You need to publish your first blog post.

Of course, in order to have a blog, you really need to publish posts or articles or it won't be called a blog.

There you have it! Hope I have simplified it.

You can check the comprehensive guide here to have a good grasp of what I am talking about above.

Stay tuned for video tutorials soon on how to start a blog in less than 15 minutes.

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For now, take note of the THINGS mentioned above and prepare the things you need before we head on to making your actual blog website.

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