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How To Access Your UnionBank Account Online (Mobile Banking)

Union Bank Account Online Access

Banking has never been easier. You can instantly save and transfer money, check your balance, or shop online with just a tap of your hand.

UnionBank is one of the first banks that immediately transitioned to mobile banking. You may now open or check your account online while staying at home. No more long queues or long commutes - definitely a hassle-free banking experience.

If you have just received money or just transferred money to your UnionBank account, you can instantly verify the transaction at the comfort of your home. Here's how to access your UnionBank Account online.

UnionBank Online Account Activation: Step-by-step Guide

1. Download the UnionBank app from the play store, then, install.


If you do not have a UnionBank account yet and would want to open an account, choose the "OPEN AN ACCOUNT" option.

If you have already activated your online account previously, choose "LOG IN" instead.

3. Click the "ACCEPT" button for the Terms & Conditions.

4. Sign up with any of the following:
  • ATM Card - enter your 16-digit ATM card number.
  • Account Number - enter your 12-digit account number.
  • Credit Card - enter your 16-digit credit card number.
  • Card Reference Number - enter your card reference number.
  • Prepaid Card - enter your 16-digit prepaid card number.
  • Loan - enter your loan account number.
  • Unit Investment Trust Fund - enter your 12-digit UITF account number.

Note: Make sure you are in a secure location before entering the above-required details. Wi-fi hotspots in airports, cafes, hotels and other public places may not be secure.

5. Click the "Next" button after entering your chosen option's account or card number.

6. A One-Time Password (OTP) will then be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP as soon as you receive it.

The mobile number is the number you have initially provided to UnionBank when you opened an account. You can also opt to have the OTP sent to your email address.

7. Time to Create Profile: Enter your preferred "User ID" and "Password".

The password
a) should NOT be blank
b) should be 8-30 characters
c) should contain an alphabetical character
d) should contain a number
e) should contain a symbol

8. Click the "Next" button.

9. Update Information such as your name, email & phone number, if needed.

10. Click another "Next" button.

11. Click the "CONTINUE" button to enable some key features of the UnionBank app.

12. Enable Fingerprint authentication to conveniently log in to UnionBank online. Click the "ENABLE" button if you want to log in with your fingerprint.

However, in the case that you are sharing the device, it is recommended not to register fingerprints on the device as your UnionBank account might be accessed by others without your knowledge and authorization.

13. Click the "TURN ON" button to get advisories, transactions receipts & recommendations through UnionBank Online.

You can choose not to turn it on and choose "NOT NOW" instead.

14. You're all set - Your UnionBank Online app setup is now complete. You can now GO TO DASHBOARD.

Tips For Secure Mobile & Online Banking

Buckle up! It's safety first when it comes to digital banking. Here are a few tips for a safe mobile and online banking experience.

1. Keep your OTP account details to yourself.

If someone asks for your account details through a call, email, SMS, or website, always check the caller's telephone number, the sender's email or mobile number, and the website's URL.

2. Make sure that your password should not be shared and easily guessed.

Incorporate a good mix of characters, symbols, and numbers in your password. Never reuse passwords that you already used in other apps or websites.

3. Lastly, do not rent out or sell your account for others to use - it is a crime.

When an account is identified as a mule account, the account holder will be considered an accomplice to a crime and will be persecuted to the full extent of the law.

Disclaimer: I am in no way connected or affiliated with UnionBank. This article is for information purposes only. If you have questions regarding your account, contact UnionBank directly.

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  1. how to apply ATM card for sss salary loan

    1. You can disburse your salary loan thru gcash or paymaya. You can get Gcash card if you want. It is easier than getting Bank card.