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How To Pay PLDT Using GCash

Gone are the days when you have to fall in line to pay your bills. With the advent of e-wallets, you can now conveniently pay any of your bills at the comfort of your home.

GCash is one of the best mobile wallets here in the Philippines. It allows you to send money, buy loads, and of course, pay your bills anytime, anywhere through your mobile phone.

If you happen to subscribe to the PLDT internet service, you can also pay it through GCash. Let’s take a quick look at how to pay PLDT using GCash.

Pay PLDT Bills Using GCash

Pay PLDT Bills GCash

PLDT is just one of the companies that partners with GCash for hassle-free payment transactions. Here’s how you can pay your PLDT obligations through GCash.

1. Open the GCash app and log in. Key in your 4-digit pin number.

2. Click Pay Bills.

3. Choose Telecoms.

4. Then, look for PLDT. You will then be asked to enter the following information:
  • Account Number
  • Telephone Number
  • Service
  • Amount
  • Email
5. Enter your 10-digit account number.

If you happen to forget your account number, you can search for the first email you have received from PLDT the moment you subscribe to their service. Just head back to your email account and search PLDT, then look for the very first email.

6. Enter your PLDT telephone number with the area code.

You can also verify your telephone number through the first email you received from PLDT.

7. Indicate the type of service: PLDT Landline or PLDT DSL.

If your subscription is PLDT FIBR, simply choose PLDT DSL to pay. Your payment will still be recorded.

You can verify the payment afterward by talking to a PLDT customer service representative or via calling 171.

8. Enter the amount you need to pay.

In our case, we need to pay 1699 per month for 15 Mbps internet speed which was then upgraded by PLDT to 25 Mbps.

9. Enter your email address.

By entering your email address, you receive an electronic receipt from GCash regarding the recent transaction.

10. Click the Next button after entering your account information.

11. Choose how to pay: GCash money or GCredit.

If you are not yet familiar with GCredit, it is a credit line offered by GCash to pay for your bills or goods with their partner merchants. While this is a good opportunity, not everyone can take advantage of this, unless he is constantly doing transactions using GCash to increase his GScore.

12. Click the Next button again.

13. Confirm the information entered. Make sure you entered the correct account number, telephone number, service type, and email.

14. Click the CONFIRM button to finalize the payment transaction.

You will then receive a text notification informing you of the transaction done. Take note that there is an additional transaction fee of 7 pesos when paying PLDT using GCash. Yet, this is way better than going to the PLDT office or any remittance center.

No GCash Account? Check the available PLDT Payment Options.

Your payment transaction will then be posted within 24 hours. However, payments made beyond 8 PM will be processed the next day.

List of Telecoms You Can Pay Thru GCash

Here is a list of telecoms you can conveniently pay through the GCash app.

  • Bayantel
  • Bedoo
  • Eastern Telecoms
  • Globe AT HOME
  • Globe Postpaid
  • GTSI
  • Innove Communications
  • PT&T
  • PLDT
  • PLDT Ultera
  • Smart
  • Sun Cellular
  • Wire Free Inc

Type of Bills You Can Pay Through GCash

Here are the biller categories you can pay through GCash.

  • Electric Utilities
  • Water Utilities
  • Cable/Internet
  • Telecoms
  • Credit Cards
  • Loans
  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Transportation
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Schools
  • Payment Solutions

You can easily lookup for these biller categories once you have downloaded the GCash app. You can get the app here.

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