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How To Send Money From PayMaya To GCash

How to transfer money from paymaya to gcash

If you have an online business or online job, it's likely that you are receiving and transferring money from bank to bank or from e-wallets to e-wallets.

As a freelancer, I am transferring money from banks to mobile wallets or vice versa. But when my bank cards were deactivated, I greatly relied on e-wallets like PayMaya, Coins.ph, and GCash.

One of the things that I usually do is transferring money from Paypal to Paymaya, then, from Paymaya to GCash. That is my usual route especially now that I already have a GCash Mastercard.

If you're looking for ways on how to receive your money from your clients or to save money from every online transaction, you might want to consider using PayMaya as your main medium in receiving payments, then, transfer the money to GCash to withdraw through your GCash Mastercard or purchase online.

If you want to know how to get a GCash Mastercard, you can read our guide here.

What I like most about transferring money from PayMaya to GCash is that it is free of charge.

Yes, sending money from PayMaya to GCash is still FREE despite the recent changes GCash has made.

So, how to send money from PayMaya to GCash?

Transfer Money From PayMaya to GCash For Free

If you've been using PayMaya for quite a long time now, you might already know how to transfer money from PayMaya to any banks or e-wallets.

In case you haven't tried this though, here's how you can easily transfer your money from PayMaya to a non-PayMaya user.

1. Open your PayMaya app and log in to your account.

2. Go to Bank Transfer.

3. Look for GCash from the options.

4. Enter the required information such as the amount you want to transfer, the purpose of the transaction, and the account details.

The account number is the receiver's phone number registered on his GCash account.

The name should be also the same as registered on the GCash account.

If you are sending the money to your own GCash account with a different last name, you should enter the information as to how it is registered on GCash.

5. Click the "Continue" button.

6. Review the entered information. Make sure all information is correct.

7. Click the "Send" button.

8. Enter the One-Time Pin or OTP sent to your mobile number.

9. Click the "Proceed" button.

That's it! Once the transfer is successful, you will immediately receive a confirmation either to your phone or email address. You can also check your GCash account if the money is successfully transferred.

If you are transferring the money to another person, you can check the status of the money transfer with them. Save proof of the transaction and take note of the reference number for possible disputes.

Alternatively, if you have a bank account, you can directly transfer your money from PayMaya to your bank account.

If you don't have a bank account, a GCash Mastercard, or a PayMaya card, but need to cash out the money, you can transfer your money from PayMaya to Coins.ph, then, from Coins.ph to any of the remittance centers available in your area.


PayMaya and GCash are definitely two useful mobile wallets. They go hand in hand when it comes to receiving and sending money.

For questions and clarifications, please use the comments section below.

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