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Make Money From Blogging (Here's How To Start A Blog In 15 Minutes)

How to start a blog the easiest way

Do you know you can start a blog in less than 15 minutes? Sounds absurd? Yes! But it is actually possible to start your own blog today. You don't even have to be techy to have one and make money from it.

I have been blogging since 2014 and I have already tried various ways on how to make a blog website. I have created numerous blog sites through different types of Content Management systems (CMS) and I have also created a blog through HTML, CSS, and PHP.

I learned about the essential components needed in building a blog site and I also distinguished which way is better and which is best for beginners.

If you have been wanting to express your feelings, share your ideas, or record your hobbies through a blog but don't know how and where to start, then, this is the perfect place for you.

Before diving deeper though, let us first understand the meaning of the term blog.

What is a Blog

A blog is a type of website that is regularly updated and usually run by an individual or a small group. It focuses mainly on written content and written in a conversational or informal style.

A blog is mostly written from a writer's perspective and often contains a blogger's opinion.

Blog topics can vary. It can be about a person's lifestyle, travels, hobbies, discoveries, or knowledge.

Blog vs Website

To put it simply, a blog is a type of website and can also be a part of a website. Its primary purpose is to engage the audience at a personal level.

A website, on the other hand, can contain a blog but it is presented in a formal and business-like style. It is what businesses and non-profit organizations used to promote their brand or services and raise awareness of their advocacy, and not merely informing the audience.

A blog integrated into a corporate, portfolio, e-commerce websites, however, can provide additional information and can increase engagement and traffic.

To understand further, we can look at the following examples.

Absolutely Noteworthy is a blog that contains a lot of web pages yet it mainly focuses on providing quality content to the readers.

Lazada is an e-commerce website that not only sells products but also allows sellers and provides additional information regarding their products and other services.

How to Start a Blog

As promised earlier, you can build a blog in less than 15 minutes. Even a high school student can create a blog on their own.

To start a blog, you just have to choose a blogging platform, pick a blog name or blog title, choose your blog address or URL, customize the design by choosing the best template according to your blog topic/niche, write your first post then publish. It's actually not as complicated as you think.

You can definitely start your own blog without a technical background.

One of the easiest, fastest, and cheapest ways to start a blog is through the Blogger Platform.

Blogger is a free blogging platform owned by Google that's designed for ease. Using the basic blog design options, you can have your blog up and running in less than 15 minutes.

With Blogger, Google will host your blog for FREE and you only need a custom domain name to fully monetize your blog.

Create a Blogger Blog

Here's how to create a new blog on Blogger.

1. Go to the Blogger website.

2. Click "SIGN IN" located on the upper-right portion of the page.  

Sign in to your Google account. Create a Gmail account if you don't have a Google account as of yet.

You need a Google account in order to access blogger.com

Alternatively, you can click the CREATE YOUR BLOG button which is at the center of the page.

3. Choose a name for your blog. The name will be your blog title.

Example: Absolutely Noteworthy

4. Click the NEXT button after entering your blog name.

5. Choose a URL for your blog.

The URL will be your web address and it's how people will find your blog online. To avoid confusion, use your blog name on your URL.

In blogger, it uses a blogspot.com extension, therefore your blog URL should look like:


Take note that your preferred URL may not be available, therefore, it is essential to prepare a lot of blog titles for your URL.

If you're confident enough, you can use your name as your blog title, then, use it on your URL as well.

6. Click NEXT again once your chosen address is available.

7. Confirm your display name. Choose how you want to introduce yourself to your readers.

You can use an alias or simply "admin".

8. Hit FINISH. You will then be routed to the Blogger dashboard.

9. Customize your blog's appearance by clicking on Theme on the Blogger dashboard.

Choose your preferred theme or templates from Contempo down to Travel Themes.

10. Click any of the themes, then, hit the APPLY button. 

Your selected theme will be automatically applied to your new blog. It will change its color combination, as well as, its design.

If you want to modify your blog design further, you can choose to click CUSTOMIZE then change the background image, font colors, font sizes, reset widths, and more.

11. Write your first post.

Once you're done with choosing the theme, you can begin to write your first post.

To create a post, click on NEW POST

12. Enter your post title, write the content, then hit PUBLISH.

That's it! So simple. No complicated steps and no unnecessary things to add or buy.

Congratulations, you now have a blog!

To view your blogger blog, you can type your blog URL into the web browser just like how you type Facebook.com on Google Chrome.

You can also click on the "View blog" located on the lower-left portion of your Blogger dashboard.

To promote your blog, you can simply copy the URL or web address, then paste it on your social media accounts.

To start earning from your blog, you can write about companies, products, or services that offer referral bonuses or affiliate programs.

Add a Custom Domain Name in Blogger

If you want to have a personalized domain name, then you have to buy a custom domain name from domain registrars or web hosting providers.

To change the blog address, you simply go to Settings, look for "Custom domain", then enter your custom domain name.

Example: www.absolutelynoteworthy.com

Or you can click on BUY A DOMAIN option and choose the perfect domain name for your blog website.

Why Start a Blog

With the rise of influencer culture, blogging has somehow become a norm and become a way of earning additional income.

Blogging creates numerous opportunities to earn online by learning how to write a blog or article, to learning other digital skills like Graphic Designing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Designing, and Social Media Management. If you create your own blog, you surely learn these things along the way.

But not only that. Blogging gives you a platform to express yourself creatively, thereby, allowing you to gain confidence within yourself.

So whether you blog to earn income or to simply express yourself, you certainly benefit from it.

How Much Money Needed To Start A Blog

You don't have to spend money for you to start a blog. You can have a blog with zero investment. You can immediately publish your first post and promote it to your social media accounts.

You only need money when you decide to buy your own domain name, hosting, professional email address, customized themes or templates, and other essential website components.

You can design your blog first then purchase a domain name later when you already have money.

Where to Start a Blog For Free

You can start a blog for FREE through famous blogging platforms like WordPress, Wix, Simple Site, and Blogger. 

You only need to sign up to any of the above-mentioned sites, choose your blog title, select your preferred template, and voila, you now have a blog.

The downsides of having a FREE blog though is that you are using a subdomain that could affect your blog's authority and earning potential.

Say you want to create a blog in Blogger, you will be using a blogspot.com URL extension.

If your blog title is Absolutely Noteworthy, your blog address can/will be - absolutelynoteworthy.blogspot.com

And that will remain visible unless you buy a custom domain name.

So, if you want to position your blog professionally and enjoy fully its earning potential, it is best to get a domain name that will represent yourself and your brand.

With blogger, you can already monetize your blog through Google Adsense by just having a custom domain name.

Where to Buy A Custom Domain Name

Your domain name is what makes you stand out on the web. It is where you build your authority and integrity. It is also how you're found by online users.

According to hubspot.com, "a custom domain is a unique branded label that's connected to the IP address of a website".

You can think of a custom domain name as the website URL or blog address. It is a personalized, short, and direct URL.

Stand out with a unique domain name that's perfectly you. Buy an affordable custom domain through any of the following domain registrars and hosting providers.

GoDaddy is my go-to when it comes to buying custom domains. It is actually my first option because of its cheap domain names. 

With GoDaddy, you can have a .com domain name with just P79 for one year.

Porkbun is my second choice when it comes to buying a custom domain. With just $4.15, you can already have your own .com domain name.

What I like most about Porkbun is that it has a low renewal fee. It is perfect for small business owners and new bloggers.

Hostinger is another web hosting and internet domain registrar that provides flexible and quick installation.

With Hostinger, you can get a .com domain name for only P406 per year.

Interserver offers a .com domain name for only $11, same price for new, renewal, or domain transfer.

Domain is another trusted hosting provider that offers an all-in-one solution to digital marketers and business owners. It offers a .com domain extension for only $9.99

Hostpapa is a Canadian-based web hosting company that also offers a low hosting service for 2 websites with a FREE domain for only $2.95 per month. It certainly offers a great deal for bloggers and website owners.


Building a blog is so easy. You can skip the technical part and get it done in less than 15 minutes.

Not fluent in English? No problem! You can use your National Language. If you're a Filipino, then, you can use Tagalog. I have actually seen a lot of blogs or websites with content written in Tagalog.

Now, time to promote your blog and increase web traffic. Next will be to set monetization options to earn from it.

Get the guidelines here to get approved with Google Adsense immediately.

Are you ready? Then, let's get your blog done!

If you have further questions, feel free to use the comments section. Happy blogging!

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

How to Start an Online Business Now (Without Investment or With Little Money)

Online Business

The world of commerce has evolved immensely throughout the years. In the past, businesses needed physical places to start. But with the advent of the internet, businesses have transitioned from physical storefronts to the digital sphere.

Customers nowadays find joy in shopping online, especially in stores like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Lazada, and Shopee. If you’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, starting an online business is definitely the easiest way to get your foot on the door.

If done well, your online business can be a reliable source of income.

How to Start Your Online Business

If you've come to this place after searching on Google on how to start an online business, chances are you have already a good business idea, but just don't know how and where to start.

To help you organize your thoughts, we have set up a simple guide to give you ideas on how to start an online business from home with low investment.

1. Research the Market

The first thing you have to do in order to successfully set up an online business is to research the market. Yes, you've read it right! Whatever business idea you've set your eyes on, it is best to research the market about it.

I don't mean the physical market, but your potential customers. Google is free and you can find almost everything with just a click of your mouse.

Check if the business is profitable and if there is a need to fill. The key to having a successful business is to find a problem that has fewer solutions and start from there.

Say you're planning to sell computer parts and accessories. Check if there is a great demand for the products and if you have fewer competitors.

You can make online surveys directly from your Facebook account. Or you can use Twitter or Facebook groups whichever you deem fit.

2. Analyze the Result of Your Research

After you've done your research, analyze the result, determine your potential customers. Decide your target market, demographic and age group. Once you've determined your target market, you can then create your brand name and tagline.

3. Choose Your Online Business Platform

Once you've decided what type of products or services to sell/offer online, it's time to decide where to host your online business.

Just like a physical store where you display your products, you need an online platform to show your products to your potential customers.

Depending on the type of business you want to set up, you can directly promote your products or services through Facebook and Instagram. Selling on these platforms is easy and totally free. You just need an internet connection and you're good to go. Moreover, you can sell almost anything on these platforms from preloved to brand new stuff.

If you're into freelancing business, you can promote your services on freelancing platforms like Online Jobs PH, Fiverr, goLance, Freelancer, and Upwork.

If you're into eCommerce business, you can sell your products on shopping sites like Lazada, Shopee, and eBay.

But if you aim to create your own brand and have a big income, then, creating an online business website is the best choice. You can create your online store in Shopify and WordPress. You just have to buy your own domain name which is your brand name.

If you have a big budget, you can simply hire someone to create your eCommerce website. If you're on a tight budget, you can actually make it on your own by directly going to Shopify or WordPress website and just follow the instructions.

4. Create a Facebook Page and Group

Facebook is undeniably the number one social media platform nowadays with over 47 million users in the Philippines alone. If you have not brought your business into Facebook, then, you're missing out on a whole lot.

If you're having your own brand, bringing your online business on Facebook page and group will improve your online presence and eventually bring in more customers to your business.

Establish the authority and integrity of your online business by creating a great following on your Facebook page and Facebook group.

5. Employ Good Marketing Strategy

Every business, no matter the size, needs to use a good marketing strategy in order to earn. Your marketing strategy will determine whether you will gain or lose money in your business. If you don't use a sound marketing strategy, then you are bound to fail.

Planning a good strategy is essential even if you're just selling on Instagram or Facebook and without an official website holding your brand name.

6. Consider Paid Advertising

Sure you can promote your products or services organically by employing great SEO techniques and sharing your posts on your social media accounts, but paid advertising can get your brand faster to the right audience.

You can try Google Ads if you want your brand to be on top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Or you can go for Facebook Ads if you have a low budget. With just P40, you can already run your Facebook advertisement.

What's more is that with paid advertising, you can tailor your ad based on the results that you want.

7. Launch Your Business

After you've determined your brand name, tagline, platform, and marketing strategies, it's time to officially launch your business and show to the world what you could offer.

If you're only selling on social media platforms, then, you don't really need a formal introduction to your potential customers. But if you're building your own brand and have your own website, it's best to set up a specific launch date for your online business.

Online Business Benefits

Small entrepreneurs will largely benefit from online business. With minimal overhead and low-cost marketing, they can start their online business anytime.

Online business owners don't need to rent buildings or office space and don't have to buy a lot of equipment to store up their products. A computer, mobile phone, and internet connection will suffice.

Furthermore, since they do the business online, they can reach a wider audience and can do the transactions anytime and anywhere.

How Much Do You Need To Start an Online Business

You can actually start your online business now even if you don't have any capital yet. You can consider dropshipping or affiliate marketing. Many online entrepreneurs are actually earning without holding an inventory of their products.

Affiliate marketing allows you to promote products or services on social media platforms and on your blogs. You can simply look for companies with affiliate marketing like Amazon, Shopify, and Clickbank.

Dropshipping also allows you to promote the products beforehand without having to store it with you and ship it directly to your customers once you receive an order. Isn't it amazing?

When to Start a Business

If you've been wondering when is the perfect time to start a business, well, there is really no such time. You will never be ready unless you decide to go through your fear and face the future with hope.

No one has started as an expert. We all were once a beginner of everything. If you do not START NOW, then, nothing changes in your future. We always have to start somewhere. That SOMEWHERE - could be the place where you are right now!

Start small if you're afraid to lose big. You can start by selling your preloved clothing or your beloved plants nurtured at home.


Starting a business, online or not, is no easy feat. It takes courage and determination to be able to bring your brand to the forefront.

Is there anything you like to be included in this article? Let us know!

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How to Receive Western Union Remittances Via E-wallets in the Philippines

Western Union

Make fast, secure, hassle-free Western Union transactions by tapping the convenience of e-wallets or mobile wallets available here in the Philippines.

Whether for personal or business use, you can't go wrong with using e-wallets to receive your Western Union money transfers from anywhere in the world. It's quick, convenient, and reliable. The money is transferred to your mobile wallet in just minutes. You can rest assured your money transfer is safe with Western Union's 145 years of experience in the industry.

Your family, friends, and clients from around the world can simply go to the nearest Western Union branch to send money and you can get them through your favorite mobile wallet.

Learn more about how to receive Western Union remittances with PayMaya, GCash, Coins.ph, USSC, and Pera Hub.

Receive Western Union Remittance Via PayMaya

Here's how to receive Western Union money transfer via your PayMaya account.

1. Open the PayMaya app and log in to your account. Make sure you have a fully-verified PayMaya account as only users with an upgraded account can claim domestic and international remittances sent via Western Union.

2. Tap "Add Money" located at the top-right portion of the screen.

3. Choose WESTERN UNION from the list of Add Money Partners.

4. Enter the 10-digit MTCN or tracking number from the sender. He/she should have it during the over-the-counter transaction.

5. Tap "Receive" on the confirmation screen after verifying the correct transaction details such as the MTCN, sender name, and amount.

6. Wait for the in-app and SMS confirmation of the successful receipt of your remittance.

Once the money is credited to your PayMaya account, you can immediately use it to pay bills., shop online, or transfer to your bank account.

Remittance may take 24 hours to be reflected in your PayMaya account due to some validation procedures per mobile transfer transaction.

If you have not used PayMaya yet, it's high time you download the app on Android, iOs, or Huawei and get FREE P50 when you use the code 2x6bjvk.

Receive Western Union Remittance Via GCash

If you're convenient in using GCash, here's how you can receive the money transfer through the GCash app.

1. Open your GCash app and log in to your account. Make sure you have a fully-registered account to be able to send and receive money with no restrictions and/or limitations.

2. Click "Cash In" located on the top portion of the screen.

3. Scroll down and look for "Global Partners and Remittance". Then, select "Western Union" from the options.

4. Enter the MTCN or tracking number shared by your sender and the amount sent to you.

5. Check that the details you have provided are correct and wait for the in-app and SMS confirmation of the successful receipt of your remittance.

Just like PayMaya, you can use the money for online shopping, paying bills, and buying loads. Or you may opt to transfer it to your bank accounts for later use.

You may download the GCash app from here if you haven't used GCash as of yet.

Receive Western Union Remittance Via Coins.ph

If you have not used Coins.ph yet, it's time to consider downloading the app as it's actually one of the best e-wallets available here in the Philippines due to its flexibility when it comes to sending and receiving money.

Here's how to receive your Western Union money through Coins.ph app.

1. Open the downloaded Coins.ph app and log in to your account. Again, make sure it's a verified account for flexible sending and receiving of money. To get verified, you only need 1 valid ID.

2. Click on Receive or Cash In, whichever you like.

3. Select "Receive Western Union Transfers" if you go through the Receive option. Select "Western Union" directly if you go through Cash In option.

4. Enter the MTCN or tracking number from the sender and the estimated amount sent to you. Then, click Next.

5. Double-check the information to make sure it is correct. Then, read and agree to Western Union’s Terms and conditions, Fraud Warning, and Privacy Statement.

6. Click on Receive Funds. You will instantly receive the funds in your Coins.ph peso wallet.

Receive Western Union Remittance Via USSC

If you're a USSC fan, then, here's how you can receive your Western Union money through the USSC app.

1. Open your USSC app with a fully registered profile and log in to your account.

2. Select Western Union and Click on Receive.

3. Select Panalo Wallet then click on PHP or USD wallet.

4. Enter the MTCN or tracking number shared by your sender.

5. Wait for the One-Time Password (OTP) sent to your mobile and enter the OTP to proceed.

6. Check and verify if all details are accurate in the summary screen and click receive. You will then receive the funds in your Wallet.

Receive Western Union Remittance Via PERA HUB

If you have a Pera Hub and you don't have the above-mentioned mobile wallets, you can go on and receive your Western Union remittance via the Pera Hub app.

1. Open your PERA HUB app with a fully registered profile and log in to your account.

2. Click on Receive Money. Then, select Receiving Method and then click on Receive via app.

3. Enter the MTCN or tracking number provided by the sender.

4. Enter your details correctly. You will then receive a text notification confirming that your money transfer is completed.

Western Union Money Tracking

If you need to know when you will receive the money transfer, you can track its status by going to the Western Union website. All you need is the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) to know if the money is on its way or already available for pick up.

Just find the "Track Transfer" button or on the menu and enter the Western Union MTCN or tracking number on the space provided and you're good to go.

Take note though that there are two categories to choose from when tracking the money transfer. Make sure you select the right category. Select "I'm the receiver" if you're a recipient of the money transferred

Western Union Branches

If you're one of those people who will most likely google "western union branch near me", well, google no further!

The fastest way to know about the nearest open Western Union branch near you is to use the WU location finder and click on "Use current location". It will immediately give you an extensive list of WU branches with phone numbers and remaining hours they will be opened or closed.

Alternatively, you can type the country or specific address you want to search for.

If you need further assistance with your Western Union remittances, you can get in touch with their customer care.

For those within Metro Manila, you may call 02-888-1200.

For those with PLDT Lines, you may use the toll-free numbers 1-800-1-9-888-1200.

For those with Globe Lines, you may call 1-800-9-888-1200.

For those from overseas, use +632-888-1200.