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SSS Extends Loan and Contribution Payment Deadlines Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

SSS Update Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

In light of the enhanced quarantine measures actualized by the government, the Social Security Commission has recently announced the extension of contribution and loan payment deadlines to prioritize everybody’s wellbeing amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Employers, Self-Employed, Voluntary Members and Non-Working Spouses can pay their contributions from January to March ON or BEFORE June 1, 2020.

On one hand, loan payments for February to April can be paid until June 30, 2020, without interests and penalties.

To understand more about the extended deadline of payments, SSS advised reading the following Circulars:

Furthermore, SSS exceptionally urges everyone to remain at home and utilize the accompanying on the web/electronic offices instead for possible transactions aside from contribution and loan payments to constrain the spread of COVID-19 and for everyone’s safety.

Available SSS Online Services 2020

Here are five ways on how to access SSS in the Philippines.

1. SSS website homepage

For those who want to register to SSS as a new member, either an employer or an employee, they should go to https://www.sss.gov.ph.

Also, if they simply want to access the retirement benefits calculator, then, the homepage is the best place.

2. My.SSS Portal

For those SSS registered members who want to view their records online, but have not created an online account as of yet, they could directly go to My.SSS Portal.

To know how to create an online account, click here!

With My.SSS portal, a member view on his/her monthly contributions, loan payments and status of the benefit claim, generate the PRN, apply for a salary loan, submit retirement claim application, submit maternity notification, update contact information and enroll an existing bank account for account holders of SSS-accredited banks.

3. Text-SSS Facility

For those with no internet connection, they could simply inquire about their membership records through text. To begin, submit a one-time registration by texting SSS REG to 2600 for free.

A member can then inquire of the desired information by sending the corresponding code to 2600 with Php2.50 fee for Globe and Smart and Php2.00 for Sun Cellular.

With Tex-SSS Facility, a member can inquire on his loan status, monthly contribution, and claim status, reset Text-SSS Pin and provide feedback regarding SSS-related matters.

For the full list of codes, can text SSS Help to 2600.

4. SSS Mobile App

If you’re fond of downloading apps and is a constant visitor of app stores, you probably saw the SSS Mobile App.

The app allows members to do things just like when they access the website using a web browser. They can apply for a salary loan, submit maternity notification and also register in the website.

To download the app, they could simply to Google Play for Android phones/tablet, App Store for iOS and AppGallery for Huawei mobile phones.

5. Interactive Voice Response System (IVRs)

To get an automated response of inquiries, anyone can dial the following IVRs hotlines.

Baguio City
San Pablo
Cagayan De Oro
Zamboanga City

For those needing assistance for the above-mentioned electronic/online facilities, they can send an email to onlineserviceassistance@sss.gov.ph

Source: SSS

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