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8 Money Making Apps That Pay You Instantly

Money Making Apps That Pay You Instantly

Regardless of whether you're searching for a new job or basically hoping to supplement your existing one, a side gig is an extraordinary way to support your salary.

There are more opportunities online to secure extra income than you might think. There are some side gigs that you can work from home when you have available time, just like doing simple tasks or missions on your phone via an app in exchange for money.

Although doing tasks via an app may not get you rich quick, you could still possibly earn an extra Php2,000.00 to Php5,000.00 every month depending on your skill and effort.

Here are 8 tested money making apps that you can download from the app stores to get some extra cash.

1. BuzzBreak

BuzzBreak is a mobile app that shows interesting news and videos and pays you real money through GCash.

By reading news and watching videos, you will get points that will be automatically converted to the Philippine Peso amount which you can withdraw through GCash.

To withdraw in BuzzBreak, you just have to go to the "Wallet" section, click "Cash Out", select payment method, select the cash-out amount, then click the CASH OUT button.

Though it might take you time to be able to reach the desired amount of money, the good thing about BuzzBreak is that it is a legit money making app. 

Moreover, you can already cash out at P1 through GCash which is equivalent to 2000 points.

To get immediate rewards or points upon signing up, enter the referral code – B03428636.

2. SnippetMedia

SnippetMedia is an app that provides the latest news and interesting stories all over the world.

It is another app like BuzzBreak in which you earn rewards every time you read news and watch videos.

The rewards after every mission are given as Kaching which will then be automatically converted into Peso every 12 midnight.

You can cash out your SnippetMedia earnings through or GCash. You can cash out Php1.00 with and Php5.00 with GCash.

According to some users, the SnippetMedia's cash-out time is 6 PM, Philippine Time.

You can also have special redemption after reading 8 articles every day.

You can cash out P4 after 7 days, P5 after 14 days and P10 after 30 days.

What made SnippetMedia different from BuzzBreak, is that, it immediately rewards you with Php20.00 upon entering the referral code, which is better than the points you will get when you sign up with BuzzBreak.

You may use SnippetMedia referral code – 2711102.

3. ClipClaps

ClipClaps is an entertaining app that shows viral videos or funny video clips. You will receive rewards called Clapcoins every time you finished watching videos or videos at a certain time. Clapcoins can then be converted to US Dollars and cashed out through Paypal.

You will immediately receive a $1 reward when you enter the redeem code. You might also receive an additional $1-$10 from a raffle coupon.

You may use the redeem code – 13KR7EB7.

4. GCash

GCash is a virtual wallet by Globe Telecom which you can use to send and receive money, pay bills, buy load and more. You can earn with GCash

When your friend completes registration and claims their reward on the app. You could get Php50.00 to Php70.00 for each referred friend and could earn up to Php1,250.00 in a month.

You may download GCash from this link.

5. PayMaya

PayMaya is an e-wallet by Smart Communications. It is the same with GCash which you can use to shop online, buy load and pay bills. 

You will earn with PayMaya still through a referral method. You will receive Php50.00 for every friend who signs up and enters your invite code.

To get you started, use the invite code – 2x6bjvk.


Coins is also a mobile wallet just like GCash and PayMaya which you can use to buy load, transfer money and make online payments. But one thing that separates it from the two is that it can be used to trade digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

One way to earn from is by sharing your referral code. Once a friend signs up and gets his account verified, you will immediately receive Php50.00 which you can use to buy a load or save for future use, such as trading currencies.

You may use referral code – CQKKGS.

Update: Coins had stopped the referral promo this 2020.

7. CIMB Bank PH

CIMB Bank PH is actually a digital bank that offers online banking services from savings to loan.

I happened to know of CIMB Bank because of their business partner which is GCash. There was a promo last December 2019 in which you just have to save at least Php100.00 through GCash and there was a certain reward.

Then, there comes another promo in which you just have to connect your GCash account to the CIMB Bank app and you’ll receive Php150.00 as a reward.

I do not know CIMB Bank’s current promos and there is no referral program as of this writing, yet, it is actually a legit company. Thus, I decided to include them here.

You could try saving money via GCash, connect it to CIMB Bank and see if they give you a reward.

8. Tala Philippines

For those who do not know what is Tala, it is actually a loan app which allows borrowers to loan money from Php1,000-Php10,000 payable in one month with low interest rate.

I have already written about Tala here, and you could check if you want to know more about it on why it is the most recommended loan app in the Philippines.

Tala does not immediately give you a reward after signing up since its main purpose is to offer loan to distressed borrowers, but once you have a friend who borrows to Tala through your recommendation, you’ll immediately receive Php200.00. Yes, it’s that big and who would not want to receive an instant cash, right?

There are actually a lot of apps that offer rewards convertible to cash. Some apps require you to play games and answer surveys, while some just require you to install the app on your mobile phone or tablet, and boom, you get a reward!

While not all apps pay well, they will certainly get you some money in your pocket when you need it most. You really just have to try using them to know which is best for you.

To be able to cash out through Paypal on BuzzBreak and ClipClaps, you must first create a Paypal account, and then provide the email address you use on your Paypal account each time you plan to cash out.

Again, just provide your Paypal email address to BuzzBreak and ClipClaps to withdraw your earnings.

When creating a Paypal account, choose PERSONAL ACCOUNT. You may start creating here!

Take note that your email address, your Paypal account, your BuzzBreak, and Clipclaps account should have the same name. Else, your withdrawal request will not be processed.

Do you know other legit money-making apps? Let us know in the comments section below.

SSS Extends Loan and Contribution Payment Deadlines Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

SSS Update Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

In light of the enhanced quarantine measures actualized by the government, the Social Security Commission has recently announced the extension of contribution and loan payment deadlines to prioritize everybody’s wellbeing amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Employers, Self-Employed, Voluntary Members and Non-Working Spouses can pay their contributions from January to March ON or BEFORE June 1, 2020.

On one hand, loan payments for February to April can be paid until June 30, 2020, without interests and penalties.

To understand more about the extended deadline of payments, SSS advised reading the following Circulars:

Furthermore, SSS exceptionally urges everyone to remain at home and utilize the accompanying on the web/electronic offices instead for possible transactions aside from contribution and loan payments to constrain the spread of COVID-19 and for everyone’s safety.

Available SSS Online Services 2020

Here are five ways on how to access SSS in the Philippines.

1. SSS website homepage

For those who want to register to SSS as a new member, either an employer or an employee, they should go to

Also, if they simply want to access the retirement benefits calculator, then, the homepage is the best place.

2. My.SSS Portal

For those SSS registered members who want to view their records online, but have not created an online account as of yet, they could directly go to My.SSS Portal.

To know how to create an online account, click here!

With My.SSS portal, a member view on his/her monthly contributions, loan payments and status of the benefit claim, generate the PRN, apply for a salary loan, submit retirement claim application, submit maternity notification, update contact information and enroll an existing bank account for account holders of SSS-accredited banks.

3. Text-SSS Facility

For those with no internet connection, they could simply inquire about their membership records through text. To begin, submit a one-time registration by texting SSS REG to 2600 for free.

A member can then inquire of the desired information by sending the corresponding code to 2600 with Php2.50 fee for Globe and Smart and Php2.00 for Sun Cellular.

With Tex-SSS Facility, a member can inquire on his loan status, monthly contribution, and claim status, reset Text-SSS Pin and provide feedback regarding SSS-related matters.

For the full list of codes, can text SSS Help to 2600.

4. SSS Mobile App

If you’re fond of downloading apps and is a constant visitor of app stores, you probably saw the SSS Mobile App.

The app allows members to do things just like when they access the website using a web browser. They can apply for a salary loan, submit maternity notification and also register in the website.

To download the app, they could simply to Google Play for Android phones/tablet, App Store for iOS and AppGallery for Huawei mobile phones.

5. Interactive Voice Response System (IVRs)

To get an automated response of inquiries, anyone can dial the following IVRs hotlines.

Baguio City
San Pablo
Cagayan De Oro
Zamboanga City

For those needing assistance for the above-mentioned electronic/online facilities, they can send an email to

Source: SSS