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How to Apply for a Tala Loan

How to apply for a tala loan

I have heard of fast approval loan apps but I really have not considered using or trying one until my brother-in-law introduced Tala to us.

I never thought there would be an app that would allow borrowers to get instant loans just with a mobile phone, a valid ID, and an internet connection. No more proof of income, bank statements, references, or paper contracts needed. And in just 5 minutes, you will immediately know if your loan is approved or not.

Tala Loan Application: Step-by-step Guide

Just in case you need money for emergency purposes or for anything important, here's how you can apply for a tala loan.

Step 1: Download the app

Download the Tala app from the Google Play Store and Install. Once the app is installed, sign up for an account and enter your personal information. Just follow the steps as you enter your information including your phone number and employment information. You can get the app here!

Step 2: Take a selfie with your government ID

After entering your personal information, take a selfie holding your government ID and upload it onto the app. Also, upload a picture of your government ID showing the front and back portion.

Step 3: Apply for a loan

After entering your basic information and your government ID, you can then apply for a loan. To apply for a loan, simply click the "Apply for a loan" button on the upper portion of the app. You will be asked to permit Tala to manage your calls, SMS, contacts, and location. Just hit the "CONTINUE" button as this is their way to determine if they can offer you a loan. You will then be provided with the approved amount for the loan. You can either borrow the approved amount or borrow lower than what's approved.

Step 4: Choose when to repay

Tala provides 2 options when you can repay. You can repay within 21 days with an 11% interest rate or you can repay within 30 days with a 15% interest rate. After choosing the number of days to repay your loan, click the CONTINUE button.

Remember to repay your loan on time as you will be charged an additional 8% fee if you do not repay by the due date.

Step 5: Review your loan information

Before you accept or claim your loan, take the time to review the information first. Check if you have chosen the right amount and the loan term. If all information is correct, check the box to agree to the loan Terms and Conditions.

Step 6: Claim your loan

Choose from different payment partners to claim your loan. You can claim your loan through Cebuana Lhuillier, Bank Transfer, Coins.ph, Palawan Express Pera Padala, and M Lhuillier Kwarta Padala.

Step 7: Confirm your details

Confirm your details which will be used on claiming your loan. Check if your name and phone number are correct. Also, enter the address shown on your valid ID, then, hit the CLAIM MY LOAN button to finalize your loan application. You will then receive a message containing the claiming details.

Step 8: Go to your chosen payment partner

Go to your chosen payment medium to pick up your loan and provide your information to the teller together with the tracking number and your valid ID. If you have chosen to claim your money through a bank, then, you won't have to go through this process.

To repay for your loaned amount, you just have to log in to the Tala app and click the MAKE A PAYMENT button. You will then receive a message with instructions on how to repay your loan. If you want to know HOW TO REPAY beforehand, then, just click that button as well.

If you want to qualify for a bigger loanable amount the next time you apply, then, pay your loan on time and keep the app installed on your phone and grow your loan limits up to PHP10,000.

If you have further questions regarding Tala, feel free to use the comments section below.

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