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Effective Ways to Get Google AdSense Approval For Your Blog

Effective Ways to Get Google AdSense approval

I’ve been blogging since 2014 but I’ve only been active on writing more articles last year hoping I could monetize it with Google Adsense and eventually earn additional income from it.

I know a lot of bloggers are having a hard time getting Google Adsense approval. I also know how it feels to get rejected every time you apply. It’s frustrating and exhausting at the same time. I even gave up and decided to sell my domain names and list on GoDaddy for auction.

Though there are a lot of ways to earn from your blog or website and though there can be an alternative to Google Adsense, we all know that Google Adsense is still the best option when it comes to blog monetization.

Fortunately, after months of trying, I finally got Adsense approval last month and now running ads on my blog. I still can’t believe I finally made it. I still can’t believe my application was accepted.

When I saw that “Your account is activated” message on my Google Adsense account, I really did break into tears. Nothing can contain my happiness at that moment. It’s a big prize for someone who burnt countless of midnight oil. Finally, my efforts will be paid off.

You, too, can get Google Adsense approval given that you would follow the tips below.

1. Publish at least 30 Blog posts

When I applied to Google Adsense, I only have 30 blog posts. Thus, I suggest you also publish at least 30 posts on your blog before applying. I don’t really know the exact numbers of posts required by Google Adsense, but most bloggers also suggest to at least having 30 posts on your blog.

2. Write post with 500-600 words

One way to show to Google Adsense that you’re serious with your content is by writing at least 500-600 words per post or article.

Some bloggers suggest at least have 700-100 words, but with mine, I mostly have 500-600 words on my articles.

3. Add contact us, privacy policy and about us pages

These pages seem unnecessary to be on your blog but they are actually important to get Adsense approval. More than that, your transparency will build your site’s credibility and eventually gain your reader’s trust.

4. Customize your Blog’s design

Apart from the blog name, your blog design is an important factor that will keep your readers coming back to your blog. Your blog design is what they will actually first notice. Make sure to have a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and welcoming blog design to encourage them to engage more with your content and page.

5. List your Blog to Google and other search engines

Increase your blog or website’s presence by listing it to Google and other search engines like Bing, Yandex, and AOL. If you’re using the Blogger platform, you could immediately list your blog to Google by going to the basic settings.

6. Get a custom domain name

I do see some monetized blogs or websites still using the Blogspot subdomain, but if you want your blog to look professional, then, getting your own domain name would be a great choice. It would also help you get your blog immediately approved by Adsense.

7. Get a professional email address

Increase your chances to get Google Adsense approval by getting a custom email address. Though the email address with @gmail.com extension looks okay, if you want faster approval, then, do get a unique one.

8. Don’t create multiple Google AdSense account

You could have numerous Google account, but you can’t have 2 or more Google Adsense account. You need to close other accounts, else, your Adsense application won’t be approved.

9. Submit a sitemap

Most bloggers do not mention about sitemap but I happen to encounter this one as I design my blog. A sitemap is where you give data about your pages, recordings, and different documents on your site, and the connections between them. It reveals to Google which pages or records you believe are significant in your site.

You could further, understand about sitemap by going to Google Search Console.

10. Write original articles and use copyright-free images and videos

Avoid merely copying and pasting other websites’ posts, images, and videos to avoid plagiarism and copyright infringement. Create your own content if possible. If you need to use photos of other businesses, ask permission or give credit where credit is due.

11. Add meta tags

If you don’t know about meta tags, they are basically minimal substance descriptors that tell search engines what your blog or website is about. They don’t literally show up on your blog’s platform, but they show up on search results.

12. Add Google Analytics to your blog

Google Analytics is important to see how your visitors interact with your blog. Get your Google Analytics ID and add it to your blog to start tracking. By doing this, you would know the things to be enhanced on your blog by checking what your visitors need.

If you have questions we have not covered above, feel free to use the comment sections below.

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  2. i started recently my blog and i thank you for sharing this information. congratulations for your blog

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    1. Blogger is best for blogs and if you dont have money to buy hosting. But WordPress is good for any kind of website.

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