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What is NBI Clearance Hit: Definition and Reasons

Understanding NBI Clearance Hit

You went to the NBI office to apply for a clearance certificate. You had processed every step smoothly. You had successfully scheduled your appointment, paid the clearance certificate, done the photograph, and biometrics.

You persistently trusted that the document will be given over to you, eager to return home. All of a sudden, you got hit and your request for the NBI clearance certificate was put on hold. You asked why and what does it mean.

Well, you’re not alone. There is constantly one individual out of ten candidates who get hit each day. In spite of the fact that it sounds disturbing, there is nothing to stress over given that you were not engaged with any criminal case.

What is NBI Clearance HIT?

The expression "HIT" is utilized by NBI Clearance Centers when a candidate's data needs further confirmation.

When your NBI Clearance is labeled as HIT, you are encouraged to return a particular day to claim the document. The date of your next arrangement would be demonstrated on your receipt.

Check of your data may take 7-10 business days. They may quickly discharge the record when you return or they may request that you go to a meeting with an in-house NBI legal counselor relying upon the data they have accumulated about you. The motivation behind the meeting is to demonstrate the individual's character.

Potential Reasons You're Tagged as Hit

1. You have a similar name to someone else

The principal conceivable motivation behind why your NBI Clearance will be labeled as HIT is a namesake. This implies there is somebody who holds a similar name beside you. This sort of circumstance would trigger the NBI to further explore your data to figure out who will be who.

2. Your namesake has a remarkable warrant of capture or a pending criminal case

On the off chance that the other individual who bears a similar name is/was associated with a criminal case, at that point, the release of your document still will be deferred as NBI needs further explanation to guarantee that the report will be given and named suitably to the ideal individual.

3. You really had a criminal case

Regardless of whether found as blameworthy or honest with your past case, this will, in any case, cause a postponement of issuance of the declaration. As referenced before, NBI needs to conduct a further investigation of your present status.

4. You have a pending criminal case in court

It is a given that in the event that you have a pending criminal case, your name is without a doubt hailed which would forbid you to ask for or apply for this kind of document until such time that your record is cleared.

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Do you know different reasons why an NBI Clearance would be labeled as HIT? If it's not too much trouble, let us know in the remarks segment beneath.

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  1. Really? I get nbi clearance 5 times already, why am i still being hit?

  2. I get hit 5 times in a row, how about that?

  3. "Oh, it's automatic to get a hit if you're a foreigner."
    That's what I was just told an hour ago...and 2 months to get the document. WTF???

    1. Where did it happen to you and what was the result?

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