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How to Check Your SSS Contributions Online (For The Totally Clueless)

How to check SSS contributions

Philippine Social Security System has been a significant assistant to millions of Filipinos here and abroad in ensuring a secure future.

SSS gives significant assurance to individuals and their recipients against the dangers of handicap, infection, maternity, mature age, passing and different possibilities bringing about loss of pay or money-related weight.

Alongside its multi-benefits come relating obligations. A member should, at any rate, have 120 absolute quantities of commitments which is proportional to 10 years of installment so as to profit the lifetime money advantage or month to month annuity. 

In this manner, it is critical to check our month to month commitments now and again to know whether our boss or the assigned staff has transmitted our month to month premiums if our commitments are reflected in the SSS framework and on the off chance that we can profit of different advantages.

While it is ideal to go to the closest SSS branch office to respond to every one of our inquiries and concerns, SSS has now given us a choice to get to our data online without falling in line and hang tight for our turns through visiting and enrolling to their site.

Checking SSS Contributions Online

Viewing your SSS contributions online can be an overwhelming task for the non-techy. Therefore, I have divided the procedure into 2 sections to ensure that everyone can pursue and make it to the end.

SSS Web Account Registration

Step 1: Go to the SSS website.

You will then see a login box. Make a record as a part by tapping on the blue catch that says "Snap Here". Ensure that you register as a part and not as an Employer.

Pick "one" of the alternatives displayed. Ensure that you have the essential data convenient, for example, your CRN/SS number, bank account number, cell phone number, business number, and installment reference number.

Supply the required essential data of yours. When done, tick the crate situated at the left-side part to demonstrate that you have perused and acknowledged the administration terms and conditions. Additionally, hit on the "Submit" button underneath to complete the record enrollment.

Search your email for the framework warning following 30 minutes. Snap-on the connection gave to initiate your record. It, as a rule, says "Please initiate your record by clicking here". You will at that point be steered to a page to make your secret phrase. You can peruse How to Create an SSS Online Account for progressively explicit guidelines.

B. Survey SSS Contribution 

With your User ID and secret word prepared, you may now get to SSS online administrations and view your month to month commitments. Go to the SSS site on the off chance that you are not there yet. Sign in utilizing your User ID and Password. Snap the "Submit" button. Once signed in, drift your mouse on the E-SERVICES menu tab. Under E-SERVICES, click on the Inquiry submenu. You will at that point see your static data.

Indicate your cursor the "Part Info" choice and snap on "Genuine Premiums".You will currently observe your complete number of commitments with the real sums posted. Here, you can check if your manager has conformed to the administration command which is to transmit the top-notch commitments of workers, together with the business' partner premium. 

Hope you were able to follow the steps above. If you have further questions, let us know in the comments section below! Good luck!

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