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Understanding SSS Maternity Benefit

Maternity Benefit

In the event that you are an expecting mother, understanding the SSS maternity benefit is essential.

Before I conceived my first child, I ensured that I had a clear understanding of this sort of SSS privilege, how this works and how I might be able to take advantage of this as an SSS member.

Maternity Benefit is a day by day money stipend allowed to a female member who can't work because of labor or an unnatural birth cycle. 

Self-employed and voluntary members are likewise qualified for the maternity advantage, provided that the SSS qualifying conditions are met. 

Under existing law, the maternity advantage will be paid uniquely for the initial four (4) conveyances or unsuccessful labors. 

The measure of the everyday maternity advantage remittance is comparable to 100% of her Average Daily Salary Credit (ADSC) which is duplicated by 60 DAYS for ordinary conveyance, unnatural birth cycle, or ectopic pregnancy WITHOUT activity/hydatidiform mole (H-mole) and increased by 78 DAYS for cesarean area conveyance or ectopic pregnancy WITH activity. 

Here are the qualifying conditions and procedures regarding SSS maternity benefit.

1. Must have paid at least 3 months

So as to qualify for the maternity benefit repayment, the expecting female member must have paid at least three (3) months contributions within the 12-month time frame preceding the semester of her labor, premature delivery, or procedure.

A semester refers to two (2) continuous quarters finishing off with the quarter of contingency while a quarter alludes to three (3) consecutive months finishing March, June, September, or December. 

2. Must have submitted Maternity Notification

The expecting mother is required to inform SSS prior to delivery by completing the Maternity Notification Form

For employed individuals, maternity notice ought to be through the business. The business should then present the notice structure to SSS after its receipt from the worker.

Bosses can likewise present the worker's maternity warning through their record at the SSS site. 

On the off chance that the member conceives an offspring or endures premature delivery yet, the commitments were not transmitted by the business, the advantages that the part would have been qualified for will be paid by the business. 

For independently employed and willful individuals, warning ought to be submitted straightforwardly to SSS. It very well may be finished by setting off to the SSS office, submitting on the web through the SSS site, utilizing the Text-SSS Facility, and documenting through the Self-Service Information Terminal. 

When the member's pregnancy is affirmed, she should promptly advise her boss or the SSS straightforwardly of the pregnancy, including the likely date of her labor at any rate 60 days from the date of origination to have the option to get ready for potential possibilities, for example, unsuccessful labors. 

3. Must have submitted MBRA or MBA

Just because the female member is pregnant doesn't mean she is naturally qualified for the advantage repayment. She should apply for repayment at the closest SSS branch. 

Employed individuals through their employers need to present the Maternity Benefit Reimbursement Application (MBRA) Form, Maternity Notification Submission Confirmation, evidence of pregnancy and duplicates of legitimate IDs of the filer to be able to receive the reimbursement.

Independently employed and Voluntary individuals, on the other hand, need to present the Maternity Benefit Application (MBA) Form, Maternity Notification Confirmation, evidence of pregnancy, duplicates of legitimate IDs of the filer and other supporting archives to be able to claim the maternity benefit after delivery or procedure.

Calculation of reimbursement

Range of Compensation
1,000 – 1,249.99
1,250 – 1,749.99
1,750 – 2,249.99
2,250 – 2,749.99
2,750 – 3, 249.99
3,250 – 3, 749.99
3,750 – 4, 249.99
4,250 – 4, 749.99
4,750 – 5, 249.99
5,250 – 5, 749.99
5,750 – 6, 249.99
6,250 – 6, 749.99
6,750 – 7, 249.99
7,250 – 7, 749.99
7,750 – 8, 249.99
8,250 – 8, 749.99
8,750 – 9,249.99
9,250 – 9,749.99
9,750 – 10,249.99
10,250 – 10, 749.99
10,750 – 11,249.99
11,250 – 11, 749.99
11,750 – 12,249.99
12,250 – 12,749.99
12,750 – 13,249.99
13,250 – 13,749.99
13,750 – 14,249.99
14,250 – 14,749.99
14,750 – 15,249.99
15,250 – 15,749.99
15,750 and over

Here is how to compute the maternity reimbursement.

1. To compute the maternity repayment, you need to exclude the semester of contingency.

2. Count twelve months in reverse, beginning from the month preceding the semester of possibility. Recognize the six' (6) most noteworthy Monthly Salary Credit (MSC) inside the year preceding the semester of possibility. 

MSC implies the remuneration base for contributions and benefits identified with the absolute income for the month. The greatest secured profit or remuneration is Php16,000 valid January 1, 2014. (The table above demonstrates the MSC for certain compensation extend.) 

3. After recognizing the MSC, you include the six (6) most elevated MSC to get total MSC. 

4. Then, divide total MSC by 180 days to get the Average Daily Salary Credit (ADSC). This is proportionate to the everyday maternity stipend. 

5. You then multiply the day by day maternity remittance either by 60 or 78 days, to get the aggregate sum of maternity benefit. 

For instance: 

An SSS member conceived an offspring in December 2016. The semester of possibility would be from July 2016 to December 2016. The year time frame before the semester of possibility would be from July 2015 to June 2016. Assuming that the 6 most elevated MSC are Php15,000 each. Therefore, the total MSC would be Php90,000 (15,000 x 6). 

The every day maternity remittance would then be Php500 (90,000 ÷ 180). Contingent upon her maternity case, the total maternity advantage due would either be: 

Php30,000 (500 x 60 days) for ordinary conveyance, unnatural birth cycle, ectopic pregnancy without activity/H-mole. 

Php39,000 (500 x 78 days) for cesarean conveyance/ectopic pregnancy with activity. 

Maternity Benefit Disbursement Process

A female member can't claim for ailment benefit for a time of 60 or 78 days which she has been paid the maternity benefit.

As a policy, no member can be qualified for two (2) benefits for a similar period. 

For employed individuals, the benefit ought to be completely given ahead of time by the business to the certified female representative inside 30 days from the date of documenting of the maternity leave application. 

The SSS, thus, will promptly repay the business 100% of the measure of maternity benefit paid in advance to the female employee once all the pertinent documents are received from the employer.

For this reason, all businesses are required to take on the Sickness and Maternity Benefits Payment through the-Bank Program (SMB-PTB) wherein SSS repayments will be saved straightforwardly to the current investment account of the business in an SSS-certified bank.

The payment notice containing the details of the Sickness-Maternity repayment will be sent to the business' "My.SSS" account. 

For self-employed, voluntary, and separated from work, the maternity benefit is paid straightforwardly to them by the SSS through their single investment funds/current/money card/prepaid record in an SSS-certified bank under the SMB-PTB. 

For this reason, the part whose endorsed advantage sum is more than Php1000 and whose address is inside 30 kilometers from the closest SSS-licensed bank is required to open solitary investment funds or current record with an SSS-certify bank or utilize his/her current one with an SSS-authorized bank, to which the advantage installment will be transmitted. 

On the off chance that the member doesn't have a current financial balance, the SSS will give a Letter of Introduction (LOI) structure that must be displayed to the SSS-certify bank picked by the part for the reasons for opening a solitary investment account or money card account.

The member will at that point be advised by SSS through email or through text regarding their maternity benefit.

For further questions, please use the comments section below.


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