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SSS Maternity Notification Now One Text Away

With the growing numbers of SSS individuals every year, SSS keeps on improving its administration conveyance by contriving all the more friendly, helpful, and available methods for doing transactions with them.

One of the best administration conveyance channels is the improved SSS site and its different online administrations. The accessibility of the improved SSS site alone is as of now its very own fruitful program.

A definitive objective of SSS with this improvement is to save their valued members' time and effort in setting off to their branch workplaces for essential request and accommodation of advance applications.

Simply this year, SSS has opened another road in submitting maternity notice as one of the maternity benefits requirements.

Besides the present act of submitting maternity notices straightforwardly to the SSS office, individually paying female individuals currently have another alternative in informing SSS about their pregnancy. 

SSS has declared recently that independently employed and voluntary female individuals can utilize the Text-SSS Facility in submitting maternity notice as a major aspect of its command to constantly give better service.

This one-message away program is unquestionably the most helpful road for anticipating moms in notifying SSS about their pregnancy without visiting the closest office just to comply with the SSS maternity benefits requirements, particularly for those individuals who live from afar like me. 

How to Submit SSS Maternity Notification Via Text

SSS has made things better and easier for their members, yet, there are also some guidelines to follow just like when notifying SSS about your maternity via text.

When texting SSS about your maternity, follow the format below:

SSS MATERNITYNOTIF <SSS Number> <PIN> <Expected Delivery Date in MM/DD/YYYY> <Total Number of Pregnancies including the current pregnancy>

In the event that I am to send a maternity warning to SSS by means of Text, at that point, I need to type the accompanying data: 

SSS MATERNITYNOTIF <1234567890> <1234> <07302018> <2> 

The message should then be sent to 2600. 

The cost for each text is Php2.50 for Globe, Touch Mobile, and Smart subscribers, Php2.00 for Sun Cellular subscribers. 

When the maternity notice is effectively gotten by SSS, the member will receive a confirmation that the notification was successful.

With the utilization of the Text-SSS facility, the member won't be at first required to present the verification of pregnancy upon notice, yet it must be submitted during the actual application of the maternity benefit at the SSS office. 

Beside the Text-SSS Facility, independently paying female individuals likewise have an alternative to present their maternity notification on the web through the improved SSS site.

They just have to visit and register to the portal in order to gain access to the online service. With the online notice, the expecting female member is required to give data about the expected delivery date, the number of delivery, and the date of the last delivery or miscarriage.

This new program, nonetheless, is accessible for independently employed and voluntary members. Employed individuals still need to present the notice through their bosses per SSS guidelines.

What do you think of this SSS new program in submitted maternity notification? Let us know in the comments section below.

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