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Why You Should Update SSS Records Regularly

Reasons Why We Should Update SSS Records

While it is your right to claim your benefits, it is also your responsibility to make sure your SSS records are complete, correct, and up-to-date as it will be the basis if you are eligible or not.

It probably would need you to submit additional documents but it is better to fix things earlier than later. 
You don’t want to stress yourself or your family with numerous issues later which might result in forfeiture of your benefits, right?

Here are the two most important reasons why you should always update your records with SSS.

1. To secure your primary beneficiaries future

Our information is very crucial when it comes to claiming SSS benefits.

We might resent SSS or any government agency when asked numerous documents to submit for further review of our information, but they are just doing their job. They want to ensure that they will be giving benefits to the appropriate person and not to a scammer.

Furthermore, having an updated record could protect us and our family from future contingencies. Thus, it is really important to update our information with SSS.

2. To have a hassle-free transaction in the future

To have a faster and hassle-free transaction with SSS, it is essential to update our records regularly with SSS apart from the supporting documents to be submitted. It should contain our most recent status, whether married or single, with children or not. It should clearly declare our beneficiaries and dependents to avoid future issues, not just to us, but even to our beneficiaries or dependents.

Types of Information to Update

The following list of information is very critical and should be checked and updated regularly.

    1. Your name

   It should be spelled or typed correctly in the SSS database. Most transactions with government agencies nowadays require NSO authenticated Birth Certificate, it is important to have a copy of it, so as to provide the correct spelling of our name. 

   Any error may delay our transactions and could mean another supporting document to be submitted later, just like a joint-affidavit.

    2. Date of Birth

    It is imperative to provide the correct DOB as it is one of the important verification information. With over eight million of the Filipino population, there is a great possibility that someone out there is holding the same name with you and the next thing they will check next to your name is your date of birth.

    3. Membership Classification and Membership Status 

   This too is very important, especially when availing of salary loans or of other benefits. Any changes should be reported to SSS immediately. A previously employed individual who is separated from employment needs to change his/her membership classification to be able to further avail of benefits as each membership category has a different set of requirements.

   4. Sex and Civil Status

   Our gender and civil status would also determine our primary and secondary beneficiaries.

   5. Beneficiaries

   Single members can declare their parents as the primary beneficiaries.
    Married members’ beneficiaries, on the other hand, could be the legitimate dependent spouse until he/she remarries, legitimate children, legitimated or adopted children, illegitimate children, and dependent parents.

   Dependent children should be below 21 years of age. In the absence of both primary and secondary beneficiaries, any other person designated by the member in his/her SSS records shall be considered as the beneficiary.

    6. Contact Information

    This includes our address, mobile number, and email address.

    7. Bank Information

    This is also important for loan and benefit disbursement.
   To correct or update your personal data, fill up the Member Data Change Request Form (SSS Form E-4) and submit it to the nearest SSS branch with the accompanying documentary requirements:

1. Marriage License or Marriage Contract – to change civil status from single to married.

2. Death Certificate – to change civil status from married to single, if due to death of previously reported spouse.

3. Certificate of Finality of Annulment or Decree of Divorce – to change civil status from married to single, if due to separation from the spouse.

4. Birth or Baptismal Certificate of Children or Marriage Contract – for new or additional or change of dependents or beneficiaries.

5. Birth or Baptismal Certificate or Unexpired Passport – for correction of name and date of birth.

6. Valid ID with married name – if to change the civil status of a newly married female member.

7. Birth Certificates, Marriage Licenses, and Death Certificates should be the original or certified true copy issued by the City or Municipal Civil Registrar, or by the Philippine Statistics Authority (formerly National Statistics Office).

Remember to always present the original or certified true copy when submitting the photocopy of the required ID cards and/or documents for authentication purposes. All ID cards and/or documents with English translation issued by the foreign governments are acceptable.

Do you find other reasons why we should update our records with SSS regularly? If so, please put in the comment sections below.

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