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4 Ways To Submit SSS Maternity Notification

Ways To Submit SSS Maternity Notification

With an end goal to give more noteworthy accommodation to their esteemed individuals, SSS has integrated a lot of programs and facilities to give more choices to individuals when doing transactions with them.

One of the programs they have recently updated is the submission of maternity notification.

The recently integrated facilities are useful for expecting female members like me, a voluntary member who lives outside the city and who bears extra weight because of pregnancy. With more avenues, we can spare much of our time, effort, and funds.

Let's look into more detail about the 4 ways to submit a maternity notification to SSS.

1. By heading off to the nearest SSS branch 

Registered employers and members mostly resort to visiting the nearest branch when doing transactions with SSS.

Employed female members' maternity notification ought to be through their employers. The employer should then present the maternity notice structure to SSS after its receipt from the worker.

Self-Employed, Voluntary, and separated individuals from work can straightforwardly submit their maternity notification to the nearest SSS branch. Individuals from these classes need to submit one (1) duplicate of the Maternity Notification Form, a duplicate of ultrasound result, SSS ID Card, or any two (2) legitimate IDs both with signature and in any event one with a photograph. 

2. By submitting through the SSS website 

Employers and individual members have a choice to submit maternity notice by means of SSS online facility with no other supporting documentation required. They should simply make an account at My.SSS of the SSS website. 

Employed individuals, still, need to present their maternity notice through their bosses who can advance the notice to SSS through their My.SSS account. 

With respect to independently employed and voluntary individuals, they can promptly sign in to their "My.SSS" account and submit maternity notice from there.

Voluntary individuals or those separated from employment must ensure that their membership status with SSS has been refreshed from employed to voluntary to be able to take advantage of this privilege.

3. By recording through the Self-Service Information Terminal (SSIT) 

Despite the fact that this administration requires visiting the SSS branch, this is a decent choice for somebody who needs to save time and effort in falling in line. 

Self-employed and voluntary individuals can electronically record the Maternity Notification through the in-house SSIT with no other documentation to be submitted. 

4. By filing through the Text-SSS Facility

As the most recent expansion to SSS projects and facilities, this is certainly the least demanding and quickest method for submitting maternity notice. The member just needs to type the message through his/her cellular phone and send it to 2600. He/she will get a book affirmation once the notice is effectively gotten by SSS. 

The notice message ought to be sent in the accompanying format: 

SSSMATERNITYNOTIF <SSS Number> <PIN> <Expected Delivery Date in MM/DD/YYYY> <Total Number of Pregnancies including the current pregnancy> 

For Globe, TM, and Smart Subscribers – every content expenses Php2.50 

For Sun Cellular Subscribers – every content expenses Php2.00 

Maternity Notification can be submitted in any event 60 days from the date of origination, however, not later than the date of conveyance/unnatural birth cycle/methodology. 

Do you know different ways on the best way to submit Maternity Notification to SSS? In the event that you do, it would be ideal if you let us know in the remarks segment underneath.

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