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Requirements to Update SSS Records

SSS Records

Any changes in member’s records should be immediately reported to SSS to keep away from future problems when claiming benefits or applying for loans. 

Though there is information that can be changed via the enhanced SSS website, there is also information that can only be changed or updated at the SSS office which requires supporting documentation for verification and authentication purposes just like our membership and civil status.

Just recently, I went to the SSS office to update my records. As a newly married member, I thought, our marriage certificate is all I need to be able to change my civil status and update my beneficiary and dependents. But I was wrong, I was asked of an ID holding my married name.

While it is alright to go directly to the SSS office to update some information on your SSS records, knowing the requirements beforehand is ideal so you won't keep coming back to the SSS office just like what happened to me.

Here is the list of documents to be submitted when updating or changing SSS records.

Member’s Data Amendment Form (SSS Form E-4)

Any member who wishes to update his records is required to fill up and submit this form which can also be downloaded online.

Marriage License or Marriage Contract

A marriage license or certificate is required if a member wants to change civil status from single to married and if a member wants to add or change beneficiaries.

Married female members who wish to change their civil status must also show an ID with the husband's last name as the marriage certificate alone won’t be honored.

Death Certificate

This document is required if the widowed member wants to change civil status from married to single.

Certificate of Annulment or Decree of Divorce

Any of these documents can be submitted if the member is legally separated from a spouse and wants to change civil status from married to single.

Birth/Baptismal Certificate of Children

Any of these documents can be submitted if the member wants to update the list of dependents or beneficiaries.

Birth/Baptismal Certificate or Unexpired Passport

For possible correction of a member's name or date of birth of the member, then, any of these documents can be submitted.

Certificate of Non-Availability of Birth Certificate

If the member wants to correct his/her name and date of birth, yet, does not have a Birth Certificate, then, a certificate of non-availability from the Local Civil Registrar should be submitted, together with 2 more secondary IDs. You can refer to the SSS list of accepted IDs.

Joint Affidavit

If a member wants to correct his name to a totally different name, then, a joint affidavit of 2 persons who have personal knowledge of the use of the member's names is to be submitted to verify that the names belong to the same person.

Certificate from the Sharia Court

This document is only required for Muslim members. This certificate should be attached to the other supporting documents for the change of civil status and conversion.

If changes are to be made by the member himself, a representative, or a company's representative, it is important to bring additional IDs aside from the documents mentioned above.

It would be best to bring the SSS or UMID ID, the ACR Card if a company representative, and an LOA from the employer, whichever is applicable.

If the member data change request is filed by the member yet the member cannot sign, the SSS receiving personnel who shall affix the signature on the portion provided for in Part I-C has to witness the fingerprinting.

If the member data change request is filed by the employer, company representative, or household employer but the member cannot sign, then there should be two (2) witnesses to fingerprinting. One witness is the member’s employer, company representative, or household employer, and the other one could be any person.

If in case the member has more than three (3) beneficiaries or dependents, then, he/she has to utilize the table provided at the back of the SSS Form E-4.

Please take note that SSS requires the original copy issued from the authorized government agency or certified photocopies of the primary supporting documents to be submitted for any change of information.

I hope the information above enlightens you! If you have questions, don’t hesitate to put in the comments section below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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