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List of Valid IDs Accepted by SSS

Valid IDs Accepted by SSS

Most transactions these days require substantial IDs or supporting documentation as verification of personality.

That is why we are usually advised to at least get 3 types of substantial IDs just so when required, we can without much of a stretch draw them whenever.

SSS is one of the organizations which execute strict rules with regards to confirmation of recognizable proof. The organization requires all people who will get an SSS number, apply for a salary loan, and claim for benefits to submit character archives to verify each exchange.

SSS requires each candidate or part to submit ONE (1) PRIMARY archive or any TWO (2) of the SECONDARY records for the issuance of SSS Number.

Valid Primary IDs As Per SSS

1. Birth Certificate
2. Baptismal Certificate
3. Driver's License
4. Visa
5. Proficient Regulation Commission (PRC) Card
6. Sailor's Book (Seafarer's Identification and Record Book)
7. SSS ID Card or UMID Card

Accepted Secondary IDs

On the off chance that the above primary IDs are not accessible, any TWO (2) of the accompanying auxiliary reports can be submitted, in any event, one with photograph and date of birth.

1. ATM Card (with cardholder's name)
2. Outsider Certificate of Registration
3. Financial balance Passbook
4. Baptismal Certificate of kid or youngsters
5. Birth Certificate of kid or youngsters
6. Testament of Licensure/Qualification Document from Maritime Industry Auth.
7. Testament from Office of Muslim Affairs
8. Testament from Office of Northern Cultural Community
9. Testament from Office of Southern Cultural Community
10. Testament of Naturalization from the Bureau of Immigration
11. Organization ID card
12. Organization Representative Authorization Card (ACR) gave by SSS
13. Charge card
14. Gun License card by PNP
15. Fishermen’s card issued by BFAR
16. (GSIS) card/Member's Record/Certificate of Membership
17. Medical Card
18. PAG-IBIG Member's Data Form
19. An ID card given by the Barangay, Municipality or City
20. An ID card given by the PRC
21. Life Insurance Policy
22. Marriage Certificate/Contract
23. Private Corporation Membership  Card
24. NBI Clearance
25. OWWA card
26. PhilHealth Card
27. Police Clearance
28. Postal ID Card
29. School ID Card
30. Seafarer’s Registration Certificate
31. Senior Citizen Card
32. Student Permit by LTO
33. TIN ID
34. Transcript of Records (TOR)
35. Voter’s ID

Besides the reports referenced above, there are extra supporting archives required relying upon the individual's respectful status.

Married people need to present a duplicate of their Marriage Contract or Marriage Certificate or a duplicate of Member Data Change Request Form (SSS Form E-4) of the spouse appropriately received by the SSS were the name of the registrant is accounted for as the life partner.

Widowed people, then again, need to have their Marriage Contract or Marriage Certificate, and Marriage Contract or Marriage Certificate and Death Certificate of the life partner or Court Order on the Declaration of Presumptive Death, if the recently detailed mate is assumed dead.

Concerning LEGALLY SEPARATED, they just need to include the Decree of Legal Separation.

Concerning ANNULLED or WITH VOID MARRIAGE people, a Certificate of the finality of Annulment/Nullity or explained Marriage Contract/Marriage Certificate should be joined with different records.

Concerning the DIVORCED people, they have to present the Decree of Divorce AND Certificate of Naturalization (conceded before separation).

With respect to DIVORCED MUSLIM MEMBER, they have to have the Certificate of Divorce (OCRG Form No. 102) with them.

For those with REPORTING CHILD OR CHILDREN, whichever is relevant, the Birth Certificate or Baptismal Certificate and a Decree of Adoption must be submitted.

Concerning the individuals who need to locally take a crack at the Flexi-finance Program, a Valid Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) or E-receipt by POEA must be submitted together with the other essential reports.

And that’s all of the SSS accepted ID’s as per this writing. Hope this list helps you! If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to put them in the comments section below.

If you want to know how to get an SSS number, then, click here!

For further questions, please use the comments section below.

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