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SSS Salary Loan: Definition and Requirements

Salary Loan

A salary loan is a money credit allowed to an employed, an independently employed or voluntary members provided that SSS requirements are met.

Salary Loan Eligibility

Here are the qualifications for the SSS Salary Loan application.

1. 36 posted monthly contributions

The member should have at least thirty-six (36) posted month to month commitments, six (6) of which ought to be inside the last twelve a year preceding the long stretch of documenting of utilization.

2. 72 posted monthly contributions

Seventy-two (72) posted month to month commitments, six (6) of which ought to be inside the last twelve a year before the period of the recording of use to benefit of two-month advance. 

3. Should have not granted  Permanent Disability or Retirement Benefit

The member who intends to apply for the salary loan should have not been granted of either the permanent disability or retirement benefit, not more than 65 years old, updated with his/her monthly contributions and has not been disqualified due to fraudulence.

Whenever the member is employed, his/her employer must have great records in the remittance of the month to month commitments.

Required Documents For Salary Loan Application

There are certain documents that a member needs to bring or submit during the credit application. 

If the loan application is filed by the member himself, he needs to present the Member Loan Application Form, SSS digitized ID or E-6 affirmation stub, and any two (2) substantial ID's, one of which with a photograph. You may check here the list of SSS accepted IDs.

If the loan application is applied by the member’s representative, the delegate needs to present an appropriately accomplished Member Loan Application Form by the member, member’s SSS ID, or any two (2) legitimate IDs with signature and with a photograph, an authorization letter, and the representative’s SSS ID or any two (2) substantial IDs both with signature and with a photograph. 

If the application is filed through the employer or company's agent, the agent has to submit the Loan Application Form, member’s SSS ID, or application for SSS ID affirmation stub and any two (2) legitimate IDs both with signature and photograph, authorization letter from boss and two (2) substantial IDs both with signature and photograph and the ACR Card.

SSS Salary Loan Filing Process

The member may apply for the salary loan at the branch closest to the spot of living arrangements or business. 

A member who has enrolled in the SSS site or is enlisted to "My.SSS" can apply for the loan via the website. You may check How to Apply for SSS Salary Loan Online here!

The loan application submitted online by the employed member will be coordinated to the employer’s My.SSS account for accreditation or endorsement. Thus, the business ought to likewise have an SSS Web account.

Note: The business ought to present a refreshed Specimen Signature Card (SS Form L-501) to be refreshed yearly to keep away from delay in the handling of salary loan applications. 

OFW individuals may likewise file their loan application at the SSS Foreign Representative Offices in selected nations.

On the off chance that there is no SSS office in a specific nation, they may send their application and the supporting documentation to their relatives in the Philippines and approve them to document at the SSS branch. Documents from other countries ought to be properly verified or ensured by the Philippine Consulate Embassy. 

Do you have questions regarding SSS Salary Loan? Don’t hesitate to put in the comments section below and we’ll try to get to you as soon as we can.

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