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Who Can Apply For SSS Membership

Who can apply for SSS Membership

As part of the state’s mandatory opportunities, SSS is, without doubt, one of the most successful anti-poverty programs ensuring every member and their beneficiaries against future contingencies that would result in financial burden and loss of income, thereby improving the quality of life of million Filipinos here and abroad. 

Anyone who is NOT over sixty (60) years old, employed, self-employed, OFW, non-working spouse and a surviving spouse or guardian of a pensioner can register for SSS membership and get an SSS number.

Nevertheless, there are specific guidelines and categories of individuals who can avail and register for membership. Let's look into the detail of who can really apply this privilege.

Employed Individuals

1. Private Sector Employee – regardless of whether permanent, provisional or temporary, not more than 60 years old. 

2. Family Helper – any individual who serves a family as a maid, nursery worker, cook, tutor, or other household position, who isn't an individual from the group of the family unit business (HR) or his/her companion and acquiring at any rate Php1000 per month. 

3. Filipino Seafarer – secured upon real sending by keeping an eye on office together with the remote ship proprietor as their bosses. 

4. Filipino Employees of another government, global association or their entirely claimed instrumentality situated in the Philippines which went into a regulatory concurrence with the SSS.

Self-employed Individuals or Professionals

These are those with a salary of at any rate Php1000 a month and not more than 60 years of age regardless of trade, business or occupation which include but not limited to the following:

1. Independently Employed Professionals –, for example, Medical Practitioners, Lawyers, Engineers, Programmers, and other people who are not employed by an organization or explicit association. 

2. Entrepreneurs – these incorporate colleagues, sole owners, the top managerial staff of enterprises properly enrolled with suitable government offices. 

3. Television Personalities – like entertainers, on-screen characters, executives, scriptwriters and news journalists who don't fall inside the meaning of the expression "representative". 

4. Proficient Athletes, Coaches, Trainers, and Jockeys 

5. Farmers, Ranchers, and Fisher Folks 

6. Laborers in the Informal Sector –, for example, market and ambulant merchants, open utility vehicle drivers, travel industry-related specialists, and others comparatively situated.

Overseas Filipino Workers

OFWs are those all Filipinos recruited in the Philippines by a foreign-based boss for work abroad, having a wellspring of salary in an outside nation and who are perpetual inhabitants in a foreign nation.

Non-Working Spouse

An individual lawfully wedded to an employed and actively paying SSS member who gives full time in the administration of the family unit and family undertakings can enlist as a non-working life partner member on a voluntary basis, provided that there is an approval of the working life partner.

Separated Members

Any individual who has changed their employment status and needs to further and completely profit from SSS advantages should keep on paying their month to month commitments as a Voluntary Member with the same SSS number.

Voluntary membership is exclusively for:

1. Those separated from employment

2. Previously self-employed who decided to work under an employer

3. OFWs who had returned home 

4. A life partner who chose to begin working 

To apply for membership, you may register online via the SSS website.

Do you have something to add to the information listed above? Don't hesitate to put in the comments section below.

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